Hey, I'm Casey!

I am a graphic designer & illustrator with a passion for logo design and branding based in Austin, Texas.  As a small town girl from South Carolina, I quickly fell in love with the city when I moved here in 2012 to attend college at the Art Institute of Austin. After graduating in 2016 and receiving my BFA in Graphic Design, I decided that this would be my new home turf for my two cats and I and couldn't be happier with where this life has led me!

I've currently been working in the industry for five years and have really developed a passion for branding , print, and merchandise design. 

Lucid is the brain child that is years in the making. I got the name when I first started learning about lucid dreaming- the act of someone taking control of their dreams once they realize they are in that state. I find that this ties to real life. Once we realize we are in control of our realities, we can do anything we desire. 

If you can dream it,